NATtrol Molecular Controls

NATtrol Molecular Controls

When testing different infectious diseases, sed to help laboratories to give proper results, and help to minimize the errors and maximize the confidence in test results. NATtrol allows to to monitor daily test variation, lot-to-lot test kit performance, individual operator performance and provides assistance identifying trends in laboratory results.

NATtrol Molecular Controls
NATtrol Molecular Controls

Intact Microorganisms

  • Works across all assay platforms
  • Available in fungi, virus, bacteria, bacteriophages and parasites
  • Contains the entire microorganism, Genome not synthetic sequence of RNA/DNA
  • Matrix mimics a true clinicla specimen

Full process

  • Controls for all processes involved with the extraction and the apmlification of the microorganism

Non Infectious and Refrigerator stable

  • Inactivation is verified in validated groth factor
  • Ready to Use
  • Shipment on gel packs/Reduced shipping costs

Stability and availability

  • Superior shelf life
  • Multiple use capabilities
  • Multiplexed or individual controls

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